Front of the church

The church of St. Luca was dedicated to the Patron Saint of Praiano, St. Luca the Evangelist and was built in elegant baroque style in 1588 on an existing structure dating back to 1123, then consequently restored in 1772. Beside the façade which has been recently restored there is the bell tower which is made up of tree levels.Inside, the church is divided into three naves with six altars on each side. The central nave is covered by a barrel vault and the sides by cross vaults. The uniqueness of this church, which is also uncommon on the Amalfi coast is the dome covered by majolica tiles. The floor inside the church is also done in this unique style which dates back to 1789 and depicts St. Luca surrounded by flowers and birds. From the rich patrimony there is the precious silver bust of the Saint

kept in the sacristy and also two beautiful paintings, one dating back to the second half of the fifteenth century painted by Giovanni Bernardo Lama which represents the circumcision; the second one was painted by Padovano De Martino dating back to 1582 and it represents Our Lady of the Rosary.

Photo: Giovanni Scala e M&G service S.n.c.


Pavimento di cotto maiolicato del 1790


Busto argenteo di San Luca (1696-1701)


Interno della Chiesa
navata centrale


Paliotto dell'altare del Rosario


Paliotto dell'altare maggiore






Parrrocchia di San Luca Evangelista,
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